Sending messages to a segment of customers

Explore how a push notification message can be sent to a selected segment

Digital Wallet > Left-Hand Menu > Push

1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Send Push tab.

2. From the Card dropdown under Send Push heading, choose the card you want to send push notifications for. All the created cards are populated in this dropdown.

3. By default, the For All Customers option is selected. It means that the push notifications will be sent to all customers having the selected card.

4. To send push notifications to selective customers, click the Selected Segment button.

5. This reveals another dropdown from where you can select a specific condition to define the segment you want to send push notifications to. The options include Current number of uses, unused rewards, and number of stamps.

6. The next dropdown lets you choose the operator on which you want to define the condition.

7. At the end is the count field. Here, you can define the count of the defined condition. For instance, if you enter 4 in this field, it means that push notifications will be sent to the customers who have used the selected card exactly 4 times. Moreover, the number of customers falling in the defined criteria is also displayed below the dropdowns.

8. Furthermore, if you want to schedule a push notification, mark the Schedule checkbox.

9. This reveals a date/time selector on the right side. You can choose the date and time at which you want the scheduled push notification to be sent.

10. Enter the message you want to send via the push notification using the Message textbox. You can also include smileys by clicking the


11. Once the selections are made, click the Send button.

12. This opens the Send Push popup with the selections you made displayed to you for review. To confirm, click the Send button.

13. This schedules the push notification and it is displayed in the History log.